Product Design


Design of straight electrode makes a moderate and refined mood. Such straight elements harmonize with the roll-up strap and create a feeling of neutrality. This makes it possible to harmonize any looks including men's and women's casual and formal suits.


The silver electrode is the tool for InBody Test and adding a competitive edge to the product design. The metal material of the electrode gives a feeling like as luxurious accessory. InBodyBAND2 will be used with the gold or silver accessories, providing a more refined and luxurious mood.


InBodyBAND2 has only the essential elements including the screen, electrode and strap. In addition to minimalist product design, the user interface is also simplified.

UI Design

  • Electrode Design

    The distance between the electrodes was made to induce an accurate measuring posture. It was designed based on the International standard for male and female body size to measure conveniently regardless of them.

  • Tap Touch

    By tapping the screen, screen will be moving to next screen (next function). Tap Touch function was designed to check the cumulative data and to move to the next screen.

  • Ergonomic Strap

    Unlike the strap of a typical watch, it was designed to be a roll-up form in order to wrap around the wrist naturally. This design makes it easier to use comfortably in any situation, not only in daily life but also in exercise time by relieving the burden that comes to the wrist.


  • Modern NavyInspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night,’ Modern Navy symbolizes artistic romance with a modern touch.
  • Midinight BlackReminiscent of a dark sky, Midnight Black sets a luxurious mood.
  • Stone GraySymbolic for a city full of skyscrapers, Warm Gray represents the strength within.
  • Red WineFind warmth and comfort with Red Wine.

Style for Fitness

Change the straps depending on your style and mood that day.

How to replace the strap:

01. Remove the strap by lifting it up.

02. Gently push down the new straps one by one to assemble it.