Activity Tracking

The InBodyBAND2 keeps track of the amount of steps you take, distance travelled, time and calories consumed during a 24-hour period. The device can also encourage you to increase your activity by sending “MOVE” notification. The InBodyBANDS2 will also send a “GOAL” notification once the targeted number of steps has been reached.

  • MOVE
  • GOAL


Calories Burned 81 kcal
Lunge 26 kcal
Squat 34 kcal
Plank 21 kcal

Automatically track workouts by selecting from 12 exercises:

Upper body: bench press, shoulder press

Lower body: squat, lunge, wall sit, dead lift

Core: plank, crunch, hip bridge, kettlebell swing

Aerobic: jumping jack, burpee

Your walking and EZTrainingTM calories are automatically accumulated and managed through InBody Wear App. Now, manage your workout more systematically.

Heart Rate

Monitor the intensity of your workout with the InBodyBAND2’s heart rate function. When exercising with 60 to 80 percent maximum heartbeat, body fat can be reduced more effectively. (*Maximum heartbeat: 220-age)

Sleep Analysis

Sleep is necessary for muscle generation and regeneration. The InBodyBAND2 automatically measures and monitors the amount of sleep you get each night.


The AI-driven InBody InCoach helps improve your lifestyle and body composition by providing customized feedback and advice.

Smart User Experience

  • Notification

    Receive text message and phone call notifications on your InBodyBAND2.

  • Real Time

    Set your InBodyBAND2 to display the time, date or day of the week on the screen.

  • Water Proof

    The InBodyBAND2 has an IP68-class rating, so doesn’t have to be removed prior to taking a shower or doing dishes.